OSI Smart WiFi Floodlight Camera- White (Damaged Box)

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White available in Canada only. Black Version available in Canada & USA


A Bright idea from OSI

Meet the The OSI Smart Wi-Fi Floodlight!The and 1080P HD Security Camera gives you peace of mind, anywhere, anytime. With a built-in floodlight that can be motion-triggered or set on a timer, you can light up an area of your home, turn on the built in siren and stop intruders in their tracks, all while recording and storing footage on the included 32GB SD Card or sign up for the optional cloud storage (low annual fee) for extra security!


OSI Smart Floodlight Camera

View and Manage Remotely

View your live footage, review your recordings and manage your OSI Smart Floodlight Camera settings by downloading the Smart Life app from Google Play or the App Store. Never worry about being away from your property again as you will be able to maintain visual and audio contact using the app. Enjoy your new window into your home or business anytime, anywhere.

OSI Smart Floodlight Camera HD 1080p

View All the Details, Day and Night

The camera boasts stunning HD 1080P resolution that will allow you to see all the fine details in your field of view. Additionally, you can depend on the camera at night with its exceptional IR night vision. See up to 32ft in the dark to view your residence at all times.

OSI Smart Floodlight Camera

Works with "Hey Google" & "Alexa"

Easily use voice command to show live video footage from your floodlight camera on Google Hub or Amazon Echo Show.

OSI Smart Floodlight Camera HD 1080p

Easy Installation

We’ve designed the OSI Smart Camera Floodlight to replace your existing light fixture in a few easy steps. Just take down your old fixture and connect the Camera Floodlight to your existing power wires, then mount the light to your junction box. We've included waterproof mounting plate and rubber gasket to help prevent water from entering into a wall.


Wide Angle Lens for awesome coverage!

The expanded camera lens lets you monitor a range of 135 degrees eliminating blind spots and weak points.

OSI Smart Floodlight Camera HD 1080p

Security Siren

Not only does the OSI Smart Floodlight sense motion and automatically triggers the light but it also features a manual siren which you can turn on from a click of a button to frighten away unwanted visitors who may be scoping your home for a possible break-in or theft from your property.

OSI Smart Floodlight Camera

Gain Complete Awareness to Your Camera's Surroundings

Receive push notifications to your mobile device any time motion is detected in your camera's field of view. When you are notified to movement on your camera, you will be able to view your live footage and review the event that triggered the camera's motion detection directly from the Smart Life app!.

OSI Smart Mini Camera HD 1080p

Storage for your video

Store motion-activated recordings right to the included SD Card! Access video from the Smart Life app from anywhere conveniently from your phone. This gives you the option for a cost-effective alternative to the subscription-based cloud storage which we also offer


Easy 15 to 30 Minute Install

Perfect for front door, back door, garage, exterior, patio, or porch. This security cam requires hard wiring, and is NOT battery powered, so you won’t have to worry about charging. Just turn off the power from fuse box, remove old wired light, attach the OSI floodlight camera to existing wires, then screw in the floodlight base with the included rubber gasket seal and you are done!


OSI Smart Floodlight Camera HD 1080p

Communicate from Anywhere

The OSI Smart Floodlight Camera features built-in 2-way audio that allows you to communicate with anyone near the camera via our mobile app. Frighten way unwanted visitors or communicate with loved ones while you are away or calm your pets from a distance by speaking through the camera. Keep vocal contact with anyone at your property regardless of where you are.

OSI Smart Floodlight Camera


The IP65 rating means total protection through any climate. 24/7 home monitoring rain, snow or shine.

OSI Smart Floodlight Camera HD 1080p

Stay Secure with Cloud Storage

Although we include a FREE 32GB SD Card for video storage you can also have a choice to use secure cloud-based storage options (yearly fee). The cloud service is 100% secure with advanced encryption and user credential requirements to ensure your safety and privacy.


Full HD 1080P

Full HD 1080P (1920 x 1080) 2.1-megapixel resolution brings you a clear view of your property at all times.

Adjustable Light Brightness

Choose from 5 different brightness levels to suit your needs!

Two-Way Audio Speaker and Microphone

The OSI Smart Floodlight Camera allows you to communicate through your security floodlight with its integrated two-way speaker. Alert intruders, communicate with delivery people, and greet your guests without ever opening your door!

Smart Motion Detection

Smart customizable motion detection keeps you alert to the movements and people that matter in your camera’s field of view.

No Hub Required

This wireless smart security system device works with your home internet connection. Simply download the Smart Life app, mount your wifi surveillance camera, and connect. Receive motion detection alerts and instantly view up to 9 camera feeds at the same time directly from your smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

Night Vision

Wide angle lenses and bright flood lightto safeguard your home, IR night vision for extreme low light coverage, ensuring your high-quality view of your home even in the dark.

32GB SD Card Included

Built-in microSD slot with included 32GB SD Card (Max up to 128GB SD Card can be used) for easy local storage to guarantee you keep all your important footage.

Live Stream from Anywhere with Smart Life App

View and manage your footage remotely with the free Smart Life mobile app and stay alert to any significant event on your property with motion detection push notifications.

IP65 Weatherproof Technology

This OSI Smart Floodlight outdoor surveillance camera is strong enough to withstand rough weather conditions. Perfect for front door, back door, garage, exterior, patio, or porch. This security cam requires hard wiring, and is NOT battery powered, so you won’t have to worry about charging!

Works with Alexa and Google Home

Use "Alexa" or "Google" voice commands with this camera.

Cloud Storage Available

If you rather have your video storage kept in a safe place, you can sign up for a low yearly cloud service. The cloud service is 100% secure with advanced encryption and user credential requirements to ensure your safety and privacy.


What's Included?

The OSI Smart Floodlight Camera comes with everything you need to get you and your belongings protected. Buy more cameras or add other OSI Security products such as the OSI Alarm System and monitor all from one app. Our DIY systems are easy to install and do not require professional installation. If you run into any problems just check out our how to videos in the download section of this page, call, email or use our chat to contact our customer support line!

1x OSI-CAM-FL1 - OSI Smart FloodlightCamera

1x 32GB SD Card

1x Mounting Bracket

1x Installation Screws

1x Rubber Gasket

2x PIN (For resetting camera)

2x Adhesive (for wall mount)

1x Manual



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  • 5
    Very happy customer

    Posted by Amazon Customer on 2022 Mar 1st

    Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased OSI’s solar camera last year and it’s been excellent, so I decided to purchase a few more cameras for around the house. I needed something that I could keep plugged in at all times because this winter has been too cold for the solar camera, and so far the new cameras have been awesome!
    The OSI floodlight security camera is an absolute must! The motion light is super bright and can be adjusted to your preference, and I also love the video quality. I had some questions about the settings, and OSI’s tech support responded right away. Nice to know some company’s still offer great support!
    I also purchased the OSI mini camera to keep an eye inside my house while I’m away, and this does exactly what I was hoping for.
    Very impressed so far!

  • 5
    Great camera!

    Posted by Amazon Customer on 2022 Mar 1st

    Reviewed in Canada on December 30, 2021
    Verified Purchase

    The main idea was to replace my existing simplest and cheap floodlights with camera build-in flashlight with good resolution camera, strong and economical lighting (LEDs), no PRV and decent price. Also, no batteries camera - using 120VAC.
    OSI floodlights camera matched all my requirements. Now this product sells even cheaper-99CAD.

    1) Installation: the camera should be installed inside a electrical conjunction box. In my case only 3 wires went out of the brick wall. So, you’ll need to buy a metal outdoor conjunction box in Home Depot, 7CAD. The camera and the box coming with an isolation gasket, which very important to install. The camera holder has an option to be installed in 2 ways to allow tilt of the camera in bigger angle. To record beginning edge of your garage/vehicle I have installed my camera with SD card up position (put pice of duct/aluminum tape to cover SD card access (snow/rain/wind).

    2) Connection to Internet: Tip: connect the camera before you’ll mount it on the wall. Another tip: if the camera won’t connect to Internet, despite it was found your SSID, reduce level of security on your router (change from WPA2+PKS to Lower security - WPA2+PKS+WPA+PKS (see the attached pictures).

    3) Setup: Install coming with camera 32Gb SD card. The new image will store and old image will be lost, but 32GB will be enough for several days (I don’t know for how many). I set it to non-stop recording. To make your floodlights to work as before (at dark only) turn IR night vision to Auto, enable PIR lighting and set it to 1/2 min. Set alarmed territory.

    The setting is very easy, the light is strong, the camera has other nice features as siren, 2 ways talking and volume recording.

    OSI is unknown China made camera selling by small and nice company in Winnipeg. They trying very hard and they have very good customer service.

    Button line: not best and high notch camera, but sufficient for day by day surveillance.

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