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Elevate your Home or Business with Affordable DIY Security!

Safeguard your small business with affordable, easy to install Wi-Fi Bullet Cameras, Doorbell Cameras, Floodlight Cameras and of course our state-of-the-art Smart Alarm System (Gen 2). Our Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Mini PTZ Cameras, with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capabilities via your phone gives ultimate peace of mind. When you need an affordable solution to help cut costs (with No MONTHLY FEES!) while protecting your employees and assets, our DIY Security Products from OSI Go Direct has you covered!

Expand your security your way!

In today’s world, security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s where OSI DIY alarms and WiFi cameras come into play, offering a flexible approach to building a security system that grows with your needs and budget. With OSI, you can start small and expand your system over time, adding sirens, contact sensors, motion sensors, and more, as your security requirements evolve.


Whether you’re a homeowner or a small business owner, OSI’s modular design means you can tailor your security setup to the specific contours of your property. The intuitive, user-friendly nature of OSI products ensures that you can easily install additional components yourself, without the need for professional assistance. This DIY approach not only saves you money but also gives you the freedom to customize your system to your exact specifications.

Highest Rated DIY Alarm System

for both Home & Business

The OSI Smart Alarm System Gen 2 stands out as the highest-rated DIY alarm system, earning accolades from users for its exceptional performance and ease of use. Designed with the modern homeowner and small business owner in mind, this system offers a robust suite of features including a touch screen interface, motion detection, and wireless siren capabilities. Its compatibility with Alexa & Google Assistant and continuous updates ensure that users have the most advanced technology at their fingertips. With no monthly fees and a straightforward DIY setup, the OSI Smart Alarm System Gen 2 is the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and affordable security solution. Its glowing reviews highlight its user-friendly nature and high-quality performance, making it an ideal pick for ensuring safety and peace of mind

How Our DIY Security Products Benefit Businesses

Our DIY security products offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses of all types seeking to enhance their safety measures without breaking the bank. From bustling coffee shops to high-stakes gun shops, our user-friendly DIY alarms and cameras have been adopted by a diverse range of establishments, including convenience stores, Airbnb's and discount outlets. These business owners have found peace of mind in our reliable systems, which provide comprehensive coverage and easy management, ensuring that security is one less thing to worry about. Whether it’s deterring potential threats or monitoring daily operations, our DIY security solutions empower entrepreneurs to protect their livelihoods with confidence and ease within their budget!


Our products offer exceptional value for your investment. Get high-quality security features without compromising your budget.

Easy Installation

No need for expensive professional installation. Our user-friendly systems allow you to set up your security quickly and efficiently. If you run into any issues, check out our video tutorials, knowledgebase or Live Chat!


Tailor your security solution to your specific needs. Choose the components that matter most to you, whether it’s smart cameras, alarms or accessories like motion sensors, contact sensors, sirens and glassbreak sensors!

Ongoing Support

We’re here for you even after installation. Our customer service team provides assistance and guidance whenever you need it. Speak to use through our Live Chat or create a support ticket!

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Discover the affordability and convenience of OSI Go Direct’s DIY Solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, take control of your security without compromising quality. If you have any questions and need advice on what products would work for your home or business contact us!