OSI (Gen 1) Alarm Wireless Door/Window Sensor

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OSI Window-Door Sensors (Wireless)

Protect your whole home with a these OSI PIR Motion sensors that can be paired to your OSI Smart Wireless Alarm System. PIR Motion Sensors provide maximum coverage in your home, pointing at important "choke points" such as entry ways, hallways and stairwells. If you are needing additional PIR Motion Sensors for your OSI Smart Wireless Alarm System, then these are the sensors you've been looking for.
OSI made these accessories available separately so customers can expand their OSI Smart Wireless Alarm System.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install, just stick on door or window with double sided adhesive. No wiring
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY: fortify your existing Wireless Home Alarm System with this additional window/ door sensor to get maximum coverage securing front door, garage door and back door.
  • WORKS WITH OSI SMART WIFI ALARM SYSTEM:Connect these Window-Door Sensors to form an effective standalone home house apartment security system.
  • IMPORTANT! WATCH THE INSTALLATION VIDEO! For more placement tips, do's and do nots located in the Video Tutorial tab on this page.
OSI Wifi Alarm System

Use with the OS Smart Wireless Alarm System

Our OSI Wifi Alarm System is a low commitment, easy to set up, and effective self-monitoring DIY system. Suits perfectly for home owners, small business owners, and is especially favorite for renters of all types and those who need to move frequently for their job! Since hard wired installation are not allowed in rental units, this is an affordable solution to get you protected where ever you go. Set up within minutes but feel protected 24/7!


Quick Installation Guide

OSI Wifi Window-Door-Sensor Install

STEP 1: Program Sensor

Move switch from off to on position. Then go into the OSI Smart Wireless Alarm System display menu and program sensors (select NAME, MODE and ZONE#). Press the check mark to confirm and start pairing process and then immediately after, press the black protruding pairing button on the back of the Sensor before the 20 second pairing timer limit. Once you see "Learning OK" on the display, programming is complete. Connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

OOSI Wifi Window-Door-Sensor Install

STEP 2: Apply 3M Backing

Apply supplied 3M backing on both the sensor and magnet side. Ensure you pop out the middle piece on the 3M Backing on the sensor side so you have access to the on off switch and paring button. 3M Backing should only be placed once to ensure maximum strength so be 100% sure of placement before sticking on door or window.

OSI Wifi Window-Door-Sensor Install

STEP 3: Place on Window or Door

Place on door or window. It does not matter which side goes on the frame and door/window. Make sure the arrows on both the sensor and magnet are aligned and ensure they are no father than 1/2 inch apart. Lastly ensure that both the magnet and sensor side are level with each other for best results. If you need to raise one side higher, you can layer 3M backing on top each other or use a thicker 3M tape.

NOTE: For set up help, placement tips, do's and do nots please watch installation video on this amazon product listing page


What's Included?

  • 1x Window-Door Sensor (can be used for either a door or window)
  • 1x Manual
  • 3M Adhesive


  • Voltage: (CR2450 3V Coin Battery)
  • Material: PC/ anti scratch
  • Under voltage monitoring:7.5V+/-0.5V
  • Static current ≤10uA
  • Triggering distance:25-35mm
  • Emission current≤15mA
  • Emission distance≥120m (open area)
  • Emission frequency:315MHz/433 MHz
  • Operating temperature:-10°C ~+50°C
  • Dimension: L60*W24*H13mm


  • With dual function of emergency switch & magnetic door 
  • Low power consumption, long battery life
  • Low voltage fault monitoring reports
  • 2262/1527 IC, oscillation resistance optional
  • Door open/close alert


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