OSI Signal Repeater

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Use with the OSI Smart Wireless Alarm System

The OSI Signal Repeater works with the OSI Wi-Fi Alarm System which enhances the weak signal coming from the wireless sensors. This device extends the transmitting distance of the sensor signal up to 300 meters in open spaces and 30 metres indoors. This allows for sensors to be installed at farther distances or areas where there are multiple barriers, walls and concrete which weakens the transmission signal. This will also solve the issue where metal or aluminum frames of doors, windows or patio doors block or weaken the signal coming from the contact sensors. The repeater receives the sensor signal and simultaneously transmits the same signal to the OSI Alarm Panel OSI Signal Repeater will work with other name brand 433MHz based alarm panels with the same encode IC code.

How many Sensors can this signal repeater work with? Up to 100 sensors

Which allarm accessories can this be used with? Pairs with OSI Alarm Remotes, Contact Sensors (window/door) and Motion PIR Sensors

How it Works?

After a sensor is paired, whenever the sensor is triggered, the signal will be received by the repeater (roughly 3s-10s) the signal will then be forwarded (transmitted) to the alarm control panel.  

Forwarding indicator will flash (2nd led light) when the signal is forwarding (transmitting) to the alarm panel. The transmitting signal will stop flashing when it has finished sending the signal to the Alarm Panel.

Where should the Repeater be placed? The repeater should be placed close to the sensors that are having issues connecting to the alarm panel due to the distance and or obstacles that are obstructing the sensor signal reaching the alarm panel. The white wire on the repeater receives the signal from the sensor, and the retractable metal antenna is for transmitting the signal to the alarm panel.  

What is the signal strength range of the Repeater? You should expect approximately 300m (984 ft) to 1000m (3280 ft) maximum in open space (without obstacles) and 30m (98 ft) to 100m (328 ft) for indoors, taking into consideration, obstacles like walls or other inteference. Again the type of obstacles will have an effect on the signal strength.

Note: The signal from sensors are different then wi-fi signals. Sensors send a 433mhz radio frequency signal to the alarm panel,whereas the alarm panel sends notifications to the Smart Life app by using wi-fi. 

How to PAIR a sensor with the OSI Signal Repeater

  • Ensure that the repeater is plugged in and the led light indicating that the repeater is ON is lit (3rd led light).
  • Press and hold the SET button (with a pen, screwdriver,etc) until the learning indicator flashes (1st led light).  
  • When the learning indicator flashes (1st led light), let go of the SET button
  • Immediately Trigger the sensor by opening a door (i.e. door sensor) or waving had over motion sensor to send a signal to the repeater, the learning indicator will turn off when the repeater receives the signal. 
    • Door/Window Sensor: Open a door or window to send a signal to the repeater. If the sensors are not installed, ensure that the sensor parts are together, then pull them apart. The learning indicator will turn off when the repeater receives the signal. 

      PIR Motion Sensor: Wave your hand in front of the motion sensor to trigger it and it will send a signal to the repeater. The learning indicator will turn off when the repeater receives the signal.

      Remote: Press any button on the remote to sent a signal to the repeater. The learning indicator will turn off when the repeater receives the signal.

You can pair a maximum of 100 items with the repeater. Each item (sensor, PIR or remote must be paired individually with the repeater. To do so repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for each item.

How to UNPAIR a sensor from the OSI Signal Repeater

To unpair all sensors from the repeater and reset the repeater: Press the 'SET' button for 10 seconds, during this time the learning indicator will continuously flash, you can let go of the 'Set' button when the flashing stops. 

Important: The repeater will not receive a second signal while it is forwarding a signal, therefore, avoid triggering the paired sensor too fast at a time when you use this.  

What's Included?

  • 1x Signal Repeater
  • 1x 12V DC Power Supply


  • Transmission distance: approx. 300m in open area, 30m indoors
  • Encode IC: 2262, 2264, 2260,1527,2240 an more
  • Power: 12V 1A
  • Brand Name: OSI
  • Frequency: 315MHz or 433.92 MHz
  • Receiving Time from Sensor: 3 to 5 seconds
  • Transmitting time to OSI Alarm Panel: 3 to 10 seconds
  • Type: RF (Radio Frequency)
  • Work Temperature: -10 ℃+50℃
  • Certificate: CE & RoHS
  • Max items: 100 learned items


  • Compatible with OSI Wi-Fi Alarm System, OSI Wi-Fi Mini Alarm Sysytem and Wireless Accessories
  • Works with other brand 433mhz based Alarm System panels & sensors
  • Plugs into Wall Outlet
  • Allows you to place sensors at father distances or in places where the signal is weakend by too many walls and barriers (including concrete) as well as fixes the issue of the the aluminum frame from the Patio door/ Window causing the wireless contact sensor signal to be weakened



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