OSI DIY Smart Wi-Fi Mini Alarm System - 5-Piece (No monthly fees)

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Our Most PORTABLE & COMPACT Wifi Alarm System YET! 

The OSI Wifi Mini Alarm System is our newest (and most portable) addition to our line of alarm products! Its a self-monitoring Displayless DIY System with abolutely no monthly fees! The Mini Hub (with built-in siren) simply plugs directly into any elextrical outlet and it automatically connects to the pre-configured included sensors as soon as it has connected to the Smart Life app. Its made for those who want something quick and easy to set up without any of the bells and whistles and any complicated steps or technical learning curve.


Remotely arm and disarm your system, get notifications or make changes to settings directly on your smartphone or tablet from the Smart Life App! Everything you need for a standard apartment/condo is in the box. Have more windows or doors you want to cover? No problem! You can add up to a total of 50 window/door & PIR sensors to this Mini Alarm System and just add them as YOU need them! Never worry about service appointments, long-term contracts or hidden fees again and live your life feeling protected 24/7! You can also connect the OSI Wifi Mini Alarm System to Google Home or Alexa so you can Arm & Disarm using voice control and add it to your routines so you can have it automatically arm the system at the same time as turning of your lights when you say "Goodnight".


Please note: This is a compact and portable alarm system which does not allow for connecting keypads, additional sirens, water (moisture) sensors, smoke detectors, Co2 sensors etc. You can only add additional WINDOW/DOOR Sensors and PIR MOTION Sensors.




OSI Wifi Alarm System Window and door sensors

So QUICK & SIMPLE to set up you'd think did something wrong.

Everything you need comes in a box and works in any small business, house, condo or rental apartment. If you want to avoid the tedious process of running cables on your property or due to tenant contract restrictions or want to avoid spending money on a professional installation and just want quick protection in minutes, then this system is for you!


The OSI Wifi Mini Alarm includes one PIR Motion Sensor and one Door/Window Sensor which both come preconfigured, so all you have to do is plug the Mini Alarm Hub into an electrical outlet anywhere in the home, attach the sensors on to the wall, door/window, and connect it to the Smart Life app on your smartphone or tablet. All of this can be done within 10 minutes! You can then make any changes to the settings of your alarm and sensors directly from the app! This was designed strictly for portability! You can easily take down and set it back up within a few minutes and litterally carry it your jacket pocket.



OSI DIY Wifi Alarm System

Adding on is fast and easy!

As your needs grow over time so does the OSI Wifi Alarm System. If you decide to move into a larger home or office and need to expand your system with more Door/Window Sensors or PIR Motion Sensors, you can add up to a total of 50 sensors to the OSI Wifi Mini Alarm System at your convenience and set up and minutes all at your own pace!


OSI Wifi Alarm System

Protection for break-ins & Emergencies

Be the first to know when doors and windows open. Once an intrudor enters your property and triggers either your door/window sensor or PIR Motion sensor, the OSI Mini Alarm Hub will immediately send a notification to your smartphone or tablet, letting you know which sensor has been triggered! At this point of time, you can choose to call emergency. Also, if you are in the home and feel you are in a possible dangerous situation, you can press the panic button (SOS) on the Smart Life app to quickly sound the siren.

OSI Wifi Alarm System

Complete control from Smart Life App

There is no need to press any alarm codes when entering your property! Arm, disarm, make setting changes, receive notifications and monitor your system from wherever you are using the Smart Life app. You can even connect the OSI Wifi Mini Alarm System to Alexa or Google Home through the Smart Life app so you can arm and disarm with voice control or add it to your Routines! The system also includes 2 remotes which you can attach to your key chains giving you more ways to conveniently arm and disarm the system.

OSI Wifi Alarm System

Works great with the OSI Wifi Mini Camera!

Place a few of these little 3.5" tall OSI Wifi Mini Cameras near your propery entryway to get instant confirmation as to who or what caused the alarm sensor to trigger when you recieved the alarm notification to your smartphone/tablet. This wifi camera conveniently uses the same app used for the OSI Wifi Mini Alarm System, so as soon as you get a notification you can open the smartlife app on your phone and check the live camera feed to see what is going on in your property. This enables you to make a sound decision as to whether or not you should call emergency immediately!


Also, because the camera features motion detection, if there was in fact an intruder in your home you would also have recieved a second a motion detection notification from the OSI Wifi Mini Camera which means it also would have recorded the person entering your property. So, all you have to do is open the Smart Life app and check out the recorded event! Watch this Video to learn more!

#1 Choice Wifi Alarm System

#1 Choice for Apartments and Frequent Movers.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a six-bedroom house, security systems help protect your property from intruders, package thieves, and your neighbor’s 9-year-old kid who keeps ding-dong ditching your door. But if you live in an apartment, security systems can be tricky. Yeah, you want to arm your entryway, but most landlords would rather their tenants didn’t drill holes in the wall or install complex security systems you have to take down later. Especially if you tend to move from one place to another fairly frequently (say, every two years or so).

That's why the OSI Wifi Mini Alarm System is best overall for renters precisely because, it's simple, super affordable, it’s easy to install, and it does its job. Take down and set up your system in less than 10 minutes. Spend less time dealing with unsightly wiring and more time actually getting work done!


Wifi Alarm System for apartments

No Monthly Fees

There is absolutely no monthly fees, installation costs, or contracts required. Buy your equipment upfront and self monitor

Remotely arm or disarm with our free app

This self-monitoring system allows you to arm and disarm the system remotely in three ways, including, app, remote control (two included), and voice control using Alexa or Google Home! you DO NOT use passcodes!

Easy and Quick Installation and Removal

This alarm systems connects through the Wi-Fi network which means there is no need for cumbersome wiring. This allows you to take down and set up within minutes allowing you to take the system when you decide to move! Just plug the main hub (with built in siren) into an electrical outlet and install the wireless sensors!

Simply add Devices

Connect up to a total of 50 wireless sensors to the OSI Mini Alarm System. You can add additional motion sensors (PIR), or door and window sensors to suit your requirements as you need them. Note: You cannot add additional Keypads, sirens, or any other type of sensors (water, smoke,Co2 sensors). If you need top add those we recommend purchasing the OSI Wifi Alarm System


OSI DIY Wifi Alarm System Included

What's Included?

The OSI Wifi Mini Alarm system comes with everything you need to get you and your belongings protected. This system grows with you - If you move into a larger home with more rooms, doors or and windows, you can purchase door/window sensors & PIR Motion Sensors seperately at an additional cost. This DIY system is our most easiest to install wifi alarm system to date! You do not require professional installation. If you run into any problems just check out our how to videos in the download section of this page, email or use our chat to contact our customer support line!

Please note: This is a compact and portable alarm system which does not allow for connecting keypads, additional sirens, water (moisture) sensors, smoke detectors, Co2 sensors etc. You can only add additional WINDOW/DOOR Sensors and PIR MOTION Sensors.

1x  Wi-Fi Alarm Hub with built-in Siren (plugs into electrical outlet)

1x OSI-ALM-PIR-W - Wireless PIR motion Sensor (need more? Buy here!)

1x OSI-ALM-DWC-W - Wireless Door/Window sensor (need more? Buy here!)

2x Wireless remote controllers

1x Power Adaptor



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  • 5
    Quality product and easy to install

    Posted by Jeff c. on 2022 Aug 22nd

    I needed a security system for our cottage and thought I would give this OSI mini alarm system a try. I have purchased products from OSI before and was pleased with the quality, service and support. This system is exactly what we needed. The setup was extremely simple, and easy to operate through the Smart Life App. You can share the device with other users which is great for our family cottage and the multiple people that make use of it. I just need to order a few more door sensors and I'll be good to go. Thanks OSI!!!

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