OSI (Gen 1) Alarm Remote Accessory

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Use with the OSI Smart Wireless Alarm System

The Remotes that come with the alarm system attach to your key chain that you carry around. its a simple way of arming and disarming the alarm system without having to enter the passcode. Before exiting the house or entering the house, all you need to do is press the Arm or Disarm button and that's it! You can also select the SOS Panic button on the remote in case of an emergency! This is convenient way to disarm or arm the system from the driveway while holding your groceries for example. No need to rush to disarm when you open the door etc.

The Alarm system comes with Two Remotes, but you can add additional remotes in case you need more for other family membors, roomates or your AirBnB guests. 

How to Program Remotes (add to alarm system):

  • On the Smart Life app on your smartphone or tablet select The Alarm Device
  • Select "Accessories" (it should default to the Remote Tab)
  • Select "+" icon on the top right corner (to add new Remote)
  • It will go to a new screen where it will start a countdown. You will now have 25 seconds to connect
  • Press any button the new Remote you are wanting to add to the Alarm System
  • It should now say "Device Add Success"
  • Press Confirm
  • You should now see the remote is listed under the Remotes Tab
  • If you wish to Rename the Remote just select it, then select Sub Device Name, Enter the new name such as Joe's Remote, Press Confirm, and you will now see the new name for the remote

Watch our Step-by-Step Video on how to add the Remote to the OSI Alarm System using the Smart Life App


What's Included?

  • 1x Remote


  • Freqeuncy: 433Mhz
  • Battery Included: Uses CR2025 coin cell battery (lithium metal)


  • For use with OSI Wi-Fi Alarm System & OSI Mini Alarm System
  • Add unlimited number of Remotes

How many RFID Tags & Remotes can i add to my system?

OSI Wi-Fi Alarm System

  • RFID TAGS: 10
  • REMOTES: 99
  • You can add a combined amount of Sensors, RFID Tags and Remotes until it equals 100

OSI MINI Alarm System

  • RFID TAGS: N/A (Mini Alarm System does not use RFID Tags as there is no Touch ScreenDisplay)
  • REMOTES: 50
  • You can add a combined amount of Sensors, and Remotes until it equals 50


(No reviews yet) Write a Review


(No reviews yet) Write a Review